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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: Starboard Carve 145 Set Up (noob)

Thanks for the Christmas Cheer Roger. I expect you lucky buggers in the States can sail all year round!

Couple of further queries if I may.

1-If the luff measurement on a sail is say 457 can I rig this on a regular 460 mast or is it best to go for a 430 with the exact amount of mast extension. Are you really trying to get the exact mast height is what I am really trying to ask?

2-When a sail gives a max boom size what does this mean? As long as the max size is in the range of the boom's parameters is it compatible? Is the figure a maximum because the sail can be "tuned down" and therefore needs less out haul? Does the boom need to be adjusted to the exact length before rigging?

3-Is there an on line guide to rigging that you know of? AS you can tell I have very little idea!

Many Thanks and wish you a Merry Christmas.
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