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Ken, Thanks so much for your insights, they are very helpul. I too carry a GPS and has peaked around the 26 knots so far. I am trying to go faster and thus starting to think I need a smaller board/sail. I have smaller cross over sails (5.3 and 6.4) but my slalom sails (RS) come in 7.2 and 8.4, then I have my V8 10.0 for my formula.

The reason I am reluctant to go for a smaller board is the bad experience I had with the JP 101 FSW. I could not uphaul that board at all. I could only water start it. My waterstarts are not perfect and I would rate my success rate at 6-7 out of 10 at best that is why I am looking to get a board that has a chance of me uphauling it in case I can't water start it. Do you know if the Isonic 97 or 107 would be better than a JP FSW 101 in that department. My experience with JPs is that they are more tippy than starboards. I've been on a Future 111 before and it was so eary to uphaul and waterstart. I am beginning to think the 107 would be a good option than the 97 for me. Probably pair it with up to 6.4 sails in higher wind?

Remi would you be able to shed somelight on the wind range for the 97 and 107. What is the minimium speed for the 97 and 107 and at which point does the 107 become too big? 25 knot? 30 knots?

Thanks you both.

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