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Fin: select GPS speed 31
Sail: reflex 6.2

We were lucky to meet very flat conditions on Beach Horst. Fin showed its full potential from 25 Kts onwards. It feels very save below your feet. Sail is perfect match with the futura 93. My weight is almost 100 kg so I need some wind for this set, but I didn't feel any upper limit last Thursday. The set just wanted to accelerate further. However the wind didn't become stronger than about 32 Kts in strongest gusts.

Another very nice feature about the futura 93 that it was easy to ride it upwind through building chop at low speed in the middle of the lake. So no scary moments on my way back for the next speedrun.

Funny thing is that I am just a recreational speedsurfer, but this combination increased my short distance pr's with about 2 Kts without feeling any limiting to go faster. I never thought about the possibility to break 40 Kts, but new I feel it is possible!

I have had only two sessions with the futura 93, so I'm anxious how the board will perform with my 7.0 Reflex, but then I have to find out which fin will match (my SO7 or SL7 33).

I think this is a great speedboard for heavy weights after two session. I'm wondering if you are 100 kg and not to pro if you need someting smaller and more specialistic.

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