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Originally Posted by hans kleingeld View Post
Currently I use my Futura 93 '10 with a reflex 6.2. This feels like a perfect combination. I have to try the 7.0 reflex with this board which also shoud work very well. My question however is: How does the Futura 93 work with a smaller sail like the OD 5.4 or Reflex 5.6. Does add more windrange together with the Futura 93?

My specs:
- 100 kg
- recreational speedsurfer
- flat water or small chop on shallow water.

It would be nice if someone has experience with Futura 93 while speeding with sails around 5.5 mtr

Thanks in advance, Hans
I use my Futura 93l 2009 (same shape as 2010) with a 5.8m RAM. Feels fine, though I haven't tried it with anything else.

I used a 130l AHD and an Ezzy Panther Wave 5.8m today. I felt like this combo worked fine.... I think generally boards have much more range taking smaller sails than their ideal sail than taking bigger.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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