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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
Adrian, I've also heard a LOT of good things about the OR Predator, so if you can grab it reasonable price go for it and then POST a review please!

The ION Fuse (as it is called in 2011) is around 6-700 $ (same as the NPX Lucifer - another suit getting great reviews). My only concern with the OR Predator is that it takes 10 mins to take it on and probably 5 mins to take it off! What about if you really need to pee???
Hi Chris,

In the official donning video, the "experienced user" can suit up in less than 3 minutes. I can tell you that putting my wetsuit on is at least that long as well.

In the long run, even if I buy my drysuit for the official price, the cost per annum of owning the suit is going to be same or less than my wetsuit. My wetsuit was about 300 CAD and has served me for 2 full winters and the start of this one. Now, after one professional repair job for the holes, it's starting to reach it's end. I could probably still use it as a summer wetsuit in Brittany this coming summer. That's about 100CAD per year.

If the drysuit's seals can be repaired, as OR claim, then there's no reason why a drysuit shouldn't last me a minimum of 5 years. That's about 120CAD per year, which is a small price to pay if I can windsurf year round.

I might just get my money back for OR gloves and get some mits as everyone recommends. I guess once on the water, there's no real advantage of having fingers.

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