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Hi Roger,

Thanks for your advice.

I've been searching for a used board for over a month and I've been unable to find an entry level board (Start or Rio) for sale. Corret me if I'm wrong, but I guess a Start M would get too big too fast, making the expense of a new board far too expensive for such a short lifespan. The Rio M is unavailable on every store I've mailed... The most promissing reply is a store that hopes to get some of these boards on late December, maybe January.

Right now the only available board -from the previous message- is a Go 155 and a Go 144. However I don't feel too confident about this board for three reasons:

1) Would it be possible to uphaul the sail with my weight?
2) Would it take too long to learn how to "tip" the board and get going in subplannning conditions?
3) Would rig steering work at all without a center board? or would I be once starting from zero?

The board has a really nice price as the price has a discount of 26%... But I'm worried if it won't let me progress due to the lack of volumen, or due to my lack of skills. I wouldn't care if it makes things a bit harder as I was really confident on the Start L board of the school I went to and i would be looking for something with a little more exciting... but that won't make me stuck for ages.

One thing I didn't mention before, is that I should carry the board on the roof of my car which, infact, isn't that big (Peugeot 206).

The spot I've choosen to progress is quite known by surfers: Mundaka. However, I would keep sheltered from the waves in the river side. That's why I'm so concerned about uphauling the sail since the board would need some extra volume due t the fact it won't be pure salt walter. There are several reasons for choosing this spot...

1) The river side is protected from the sea y a beach making the water flat.
2) There are tons of sand banks... When the tide is high the banks get coverd by water making it possible to jump off of the board in many places and walk back to shore (Except while sailing over the river).
3) In case of any problems, the tide current should take you near the beach that protects the river side.
4) Most of the time the wind direction is South or North... This makes it posible to sail from the beach at one side of the river towards the beach at the other side with side winds.
5) When the tide is low there is a spot on the beach that protects the river that is deep enough to sail... once again, if something goes wrong I'd go back to the beach or carried away to one of the sand banks where there is an easy exit.

Should I wait for a Rio M to come in while looking over for used material in case something comes along? ...or should I go along with the Go?

Best regards
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