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Well first thanks to all of you for your insights and replies.
Ken is right I am a bieng a bit conservative as I am not 100% comfortable with my water start skills yet. But I think it maybe time to push it and force mysefl to refine it.

So not it is between the Futura 101 or the Isonic 97. Both are roughly the same width (futura at 65.5 and iSonic at 64), with the isonic 5 cm shorter (235 cm vs 240 cm).

The one thing I did not get is how come the isonic 97 is shorter and narrower, and thinner but can carry a bigger sail (8.5 vs. 7.5 with the futura) I would have though it would be the opposite but maybe because it is a true slalom board?

I know that the futura is probably easier to sail, but I am still thinking of the iSonic because once in the straps I can sail advanced boards. My challenge is really in the water start department

Having said that I will check with my local store and see what makes sense to get especially since the futura will come with a fin too -

Thanks all - your help is very much appreciated.
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