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Default 4.0 m2 sail with 400 mast (luff 376)

I am planing to buy a Gaastra Poison 4.0 sail with a luff length of 376 cm. Ideal mast according to Gaastra is 370 RDM 75% carbon mast, IMCS 19. I have a 400 cm SDM mast, 75% carbon, IMCS 20. The question I have is if I need a new mast or if I can use my existing one - I see here the opportunity to save some costs. Has anybody experience with using a longer than ideal mast - the sail has, as all small sails, a vario top, which indicates that it should be ok. Key question is if it is likely to recognise a considerable difference in performance/handling - and if yes, how it manifests itself.

I would appreciate any insights, experience or views.

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