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Default Quad IQ 77L - Slotbox problem

Hi everyone,

I have just bought the new Quad IQ 77 last week and I've used it for the first time on monday with the 13 fins in front. It's a really nice board, but when I finished sailing, I took out the fins and I noticed a little problem in the two slotbox 10s. Both boxes have a small surface cut in the back. Itīs about 2 or 3mm deep I think, and have the shape of the back of the 13 fins.

Another important aspect is that I had to force the fins into the boxes (only one of the back 13 slotboxes squeezed the fins easily). So I guess the cuts of the back of the two slotbox 10 were made when I forced the fins into the boxes, because the back of the 13 have a sharp edge that cutted the surface.

Or maybe it happened when I screwed them, because after noticing the problem I fited the fins again and screwed them, and I noticed that the surface of the fins stayed below the surface of the board. So the sharp edge of the 13 fins I mentioned before where carved in the board surface.

By the way, I don't think I screwed too hard. Just normal screwing, but has I screw the fins go down a bit, because the screw is directed in a diagonal direction, so it does a force against the box and a force down into the box.

So I would like to know two things:
1- Will the board let water in because of those two dings? Do I have to repair it? How do I repair such a small ding?
2- How do I prevent it from happening again? How do I squeeze the fins gently?
How do I prevent the fins from going into the box when screwing?

Thank you for the help

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