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69 liters (tank measured and from the computer). Length 223.6, width 53.8, ofo 33.6, max thickness 10.2. Mine weights 5.75, but I guess that might have been quite light in the +-6% spectrum.

Tthe Q69 comes with three pairs of g10 quad fins, 10, 13 and 15 (where the other quads come with big+small quad + a special set of twin fins). They idea is that the Q69 is probably to turny to go as a twin for most (and if you insist the 15 quad set in the rear boxes will do the job). But instead you get an even wider tuning range as a quad where the 15 fins can replace the 13 and be used with the 10cm (either front or rear). 13+15 could technically work too, but I think that will just be too draggy to work well.

Worth noting is also that the Q69 is a board with a lot of rocker. It has an extremely wide range of turns it will do well for a lighter rider, particularly in how it handles turning power. It will turn very easily with only very little power (which makes it a nice big board for someone really light) but it will also handle a lot of power in the turn without "folding" due to quite beefy rails up front. But I'd say that it's primarily meant for going for rather tight turns.

Compared to last years Q66, this is a bigger board, wider and with more volume. A much better slogging board and also much easier to "push" in less wind when wave riding. The Q66 planes quite early, but at least for me, it requires lots of speed before it holds up to a decent turn. ON the Q69 you can more easily generate speed on the wave when underpowered. It will behave on the wave also when really powered up, but for straight line pure control sailing, I reckon the Q66 is a more stable board.
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