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Hi ejowsurf,
OK, now we have all the info with which to give you a good recommendation.
Your BIC Core 293 is 79 cm wide and has a volume of 205 liters.
With this in mind, and your weight of 190 lbs. (86 Kg.), sailing mostly on a 6.3 m2 (this sail gets you
planing and in the farthest back and outboard footstraps on the Core 293?) I think that a GO 122 or
Futura 122 will work well for you with a 6.3 m2 rig.
I suspect that when you move off the Core 293, you may want to go up one sail size so you are a bit more powered up. Might need to rig your 7.2 with more downhaul and slightly more outhaul.
If you feel this is too large a gap, then the GO/Futura 133 will be good as well.
The smaller 122 liter boards will be a slightly bigger challenge right at first, but if you have the windspeed to be fully powered up on a 6.3 m2 rig (that would be 16-18 knots for me and I'm around the same weight)
then the smaller boards would suit the conditions better as soon as you get comfortable on the new board.
At your weight, I think you will eventually settle for a board in the 96-110 liter range for true 6.3 conditions, but you need to factor in that you are sailing on fresh water and will not have the same buoyancy as on the ocean in salt water.
Hope this helps,
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