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Yes - What Roger said.

In deciding between a 122 or 133, a lot depends on how committed you are to mastering the sport. If you get discouraged easily, then the bigger board will provide an easier transition. The biggest difference between the two as you begin learning on a smaller board will be the uphauling. The 122 will be less stable and more difficult to uphaul, but with a little practice and falling off a few times, it will become easier. The board won't sink, but foot placement when you uphaul will be important to keep it level.

You can learn to water start on the Bic or on any board for that matter. You just need enough wind and sail, so at every opportunity (sail upwind of the board and enough wind), give it a try. I learned on my first longboard 25 years ago and had it mastered before I moved to a smaller transition board. However, learning to uphaul an unstable smaller board is an essential skill since you will find yourself in the water occasionally without enough wind to water start.
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