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Well, news aren't great.

First the good news is that the soap trick works.

The bad news are that when I fit the fins with the soap they really enter the box. The back of the fins enter the box and fill the cuts. So I did some measurements: the part of the 4 fins which enters the box is 2,5cm high, and the 2 slotboxes 10 and one of the 13s are 2,7 cm deep, and the other 13 is 2,5 cm.

So my conclusion is that when I screwed the fins, they penetrated that extra 2 mm in the box and so the sharp edge of the back of the fins have cut the back of the slotbox 10. In the front of the slotboxes 10 they didnīt penetrate that 2 mm because the front of the fin is not a sharp edge like in the back.
The other conclusion is that the fins get obviously tilted back when I screw them, because the back of the fin goes down 2 extra mm relatively to the front.

Any good advice?

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