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As also a begginer, I would pay a bit more attention on your feet than the legs. Both Bel and Raffig are corretc, however that depends on the board that you are using, the sea state and the gusts...
However the idea with your feet is always the same (when going upwind). the front foot you will have to have your toes bent pulling the strap, with the back foot you would press your toe on the board, while kinda moving your heel to the front ,as if your toe was to be pointing to stern. By doing that you will gonna be using the leward rail of your board to get a better angle, not only the fin. Too much pressure on the fin you will have a lot of drag, instead of angle and speed. Too much pressure on the fin and you will also get easyly tired...
Thats only one opynion, please correct me if Im mistaking some here.(sorry 4 bad english)

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