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Saturday I've try again my Kode 86 in Onshore conditions and with my 5.4. With my fin 23cm the board rips real well also in short turn inside wave, but one of the most important and beautiful thing is the up wind propension that allow you to take more wave, more and more. A new surprise is that with this board is also easy to pass the shore break!!! Porbably in wave mode the best fin quiver is from 21 to 23; for B&J the 25cm works well. On the sea I've checked another guy with the Kode 96 he was in 5.3. Well in a strait line I've see that also him have a lot of speed, very hard to pass him on the water. I've take him only at the end near the beach hihihi.
In conclusion with this board a not idilliac day of wind, become really better.
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