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Speed is the keyword here.The faster you go,the higher you climb.So simple
Therefore forget moving whole your body to the front,forget a more upright stance,forget straight back leg and bent front leg,forget getting close to the sail...
Lay back as much as possible,but the sail upright.Longer harness lines even better to keep away from the sail while keeping the sail upright.
Bear off downwind slightly and gain more speed.Then assume super 7 stance like you are sailing across the wind.
Pull the outhaul to the max and lean the sail to the deck as much as possible and sheet in full.
Keep your stance and speed.This is crucial.
Try to lift and turn the nose of the board into the wind by using your front foot in the front strap.Do this by lifting up your front foot fingers and toe, and turning your whole leg to the nose.Tight straps will help a lot.You can't do it with loose straps.
Don't bend your front leg.Keep it straight and strong.
Keep your stance as if you sail across!!! Chest parallel to the sail.No twisting to the front.
SLIGHTLY bend your rear leg.
Press down the back foot fingers and toes.Lift up the rear heel.The rear heel barely touching or not touching at all to the deck.Maintain adequate constant lateral pressure to the fin by pushing.However this pressure is not as big as before naturally since your rear leg is bent.But this is OK.

This is the best upwind stance to climb high and fast.Albeau himself had explained to me a few years back.
You can try and perfect this technics on the land in a couple of minutes.Put your board on the grass and find a low chair around 40 cm.Wear the straps and and sit on the chair.Then turn the board as explained above.
To cilmb higher you can use bigger fin also.
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