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Default isonic 86 or futura 93? !

Final decision to make between is86 ('09) and f93 ('08). Both wood, similar price, similar state.

I weigh 83 kg, only other board is 125l rocket, have 4.9, 5.4, 6.9 camless sails.
Conditions go from severe to chop to near flat, gusty.

I can handle a slalom board, so is86 doesn't scare me too much, but few questions -
(1) will the extra volume and width of f93 really make a difference in lower-medium wind range?
(2) i do need another sail, since gap in 6m range, but are my current sails that prohibitive (no cam) for an is86 ?

Basically, I want an is86 to charge...but suspect the f93 will allow me more sailing time on it, and without having to buy an extra 2-3 sails.

Thanks in advance for your comments !

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