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I (the author of message #11) am totally agree with you.The stance you described here is the best known upwind stance and assumed by all sailors time to time and it definitely works.BUT......
This stance is generally good for surviving overpowering conditions and indeed the angle of climb is higher than any other stance.But the problem is speed.It is not as fast as railing the board.
By the way,Albeau's technic was for FW but it works equally for slalom too.You are right,railing a FW board is no easy but it can be railed some anyway and the FW sailors who can rail better are better racers.
The main difference with the classical stance and the stance I described is the power factor.Long harness lines keep sailor away from the sail therefore more upright sail and more power in the sail.Since the sailor lays extremely back,no weight on the board and therefore faster.

Also the courses of these two technics are different.Classical stance gives a more linear course while railing is more arch-like providing more clean air and water away from the fleet.

Stance I explained here may work perfect for Albeau and some, and classical may work perfect for others.
I beleive both stances are OK and have usages in different race and sea conditions.
The good thing is to discuss and share such valuable information here.
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