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Pete van Black
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Thanks for your comments, chaps. Yeah, my sails are all free ride (space dog sails). And I only use the 7m2...silly to put the others on the 125 L.
So a second board to see me happy and comfortable with 15 kts+ is imperative.
We do get wind down here (mediterranean, france) so I know the board will get used.
I just don't want to start having to buy more sails (except for a 6ish) because is86 is so power hungry...or is it?
Ken - I understand the operational gap between 125 l and is86 is big, but is it that much bigger than 125 l and F93?
And the other thing....going fast and doing some big jumps is good fun... but I just read on Belskorpio link/thread that its maybe not too hot an idea..
Thing that set me off on this that the is86 is apparently exceptional whereas F93, nothing special (agrelon comment notwithstanding..) : obviously coming from the guy selling is86....

Oh dear, what to do, what to do..

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