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Default Evo75 vs. Evo74 range


I have purchased my XTV 75 to replace Evo 74 ( 05 round tail ).
When looking at the specifications for max width / tail width at 30cm it is is really close to the previous shape, so it looks to be quite the same "beast" with more V and a lot more lift on the tail.
When looking at the test feedback, it seems the board is loosing a bit on plane and upwind track ( apparently due to a narrow flex fin ) .
BOARDS says there is a bit reduction on the overall market range, especially for onshore riding.To me it's fine because i update my Evo for more fast cross-shore bottom performance at 5.3 to 4.5 ( never sail smaller ) in other word from strong 5 to 7Bft.

Can someone give a feedback on the Evo 75 when sailing side-on 5.0/5.4 ? do we lose on plane as described from previous E74 ? what about the fin related problems ?

thanks, shangu.
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