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hallo Remi and Pfaffi (and all the people as well),
I'm gonna racing my 2011 slalom main event in Garda lake.
Currently own 2010 IS 131 and 111 which basically is the most used kit in my last 4 season.As I think the boards are still super competitive I was thinking to hold on with them (hoping construction doesn't sucks!) AND add another board in between.
In fact if I'm sure on the fresh water the WC IS 111 is a rocket with the 8,6 (on demand) I'm not sure that it's a usefull combo on the lake.
As well as from my experience the 131 (or 127) can be a nightmare down to Ponale chop if it really blows and I strongly believe a narrower and thinnier board should be easier and faster.
Ask for your opinion and what I should select (117w or 117) in order to register only 2 board for the Event.
Plus I'd like to hear from Pfaffi if he tested the 117w on the lake and what was his feeling.

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