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Default Evo 71 shock horror came with a swallow tail??

Hi guys,

Today I took delivery of a new Evo 71 2011 model wood carbon and while I was taking the raps off at home I was gobsmacked as the board had a swallow tail on instead of a pin tail as seen on the Starboard site. What is going on? Also the sticker on the board states that it is 71 litres with 229 cm length and 55.5 cmwidth when in the site it is described as 223 cmand 56 cm. So I measured the board and found it is 220-221cm?????????

I called the dealer up and he said that in the dealers brochure it clearly has a swallow tail on. I asked him to log on to the site and see for himself that there, it has a pin tail but his computer had some problems and so he still has not responded back to me.

I don't want a swallow tail board and ordered the Evo 71 over any other board cause it's probably the only board in the market more that 70 liters and less than 74 with a single fin AND A PIN TAIL.

Need a responce asap.


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