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Default quad 82 or quad 87???

hi guys,
Id like to ask you for a bit of advice:

Im currently unsure which Quad to go for, 82l or 87l.
I weigh around 82kg, 180cm. I want the board to cover the following conditions:
- I only want to have one waveboard
- sails used are mostly 4.5 and 5.3 (and occassionaly 3.7)
- the board should replace a Tabou Pocket Wave 78... I want something that gives me a bit more volume so that I can get out without neccessarily planning, but at the same time feels small and responsive...Pocket Wave is an amazing board but in lighter winds it just doesnt have enough volume for me to get out and go upwind enough (esp with a 5.3m sail, it has to be well powered up to work well, once the 5.3 is underpowered it doesnt work at all)..
- generally speaking I like to sail slightly underpowered and I would like to be able to do that with the 5.3m also
- I want to use the board mostly in Holland, in side to side-on conditions and on Fuerteventura and Cape Verde

at the moment I am more inclined to go for the 82l Quad, because 87l sounds awfully big and wide to me.
also, I have the feelling that given its shape, the Starboard Quad range seems to compare to a 1 size bigger quads from other brands... ie Quad 82 is in the same "size class" with Da Curve 85 and Fanatic quad 86... can anyone confirm or reject this please?

does the Quad feel larger then it actually is in terms of stability, early planning, and non-planning upwind ability?

many thanks,
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