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Originally Posted by van View Post
Hi Remi,

Many thanks for your response but I think you missed the whole point of my question. I have a board still under raps cause I refuse to accept it which as per your site basically shouldn't exist.

The main difference being it says that it is an Evo 71 and it has a SWALLOW TAIL. If you check your site you will CLEARLY see the board should have a PIN TAIL. So what board is the one I have?????

The only reason why I measured the board was in case as is common with startboards is like you mentioned has a wrong sticker. (I have had 3 Starboards with wrong stickers so far. Don't know why Cobra only make this mistake on Starboards).

Finally to finish, the dimensions of the board don't add up either as it's as I said 220cm long.

So can you please answer the following questions for me.

a) Does the Evo 71 come with a SWALLOW TAIL or a PIN TAIL as per your site?
b) If it comes with a PIN TAIL why do I have a board with a SWALLOW TAIL?
c) If it comes with a SWALLOW TAIL why are you miss-describing and miss leading customers?
d) As you confirmed the measurements above why is my board even shorter?

Many thanks. Awaiting your response asap as the wave season is starting here in Greece and I have to see what I'm going to do with this board. ie take it back/get my money back and the see what other board to buy.



That looks like a swallow tail to me....
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