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Hi Van.

There is an error with the pic (which is rather a computer generated one) on the site. I'm sorry of this has led you to the getting the wrong impression of the board. I'll answer your particular questions below:

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a) Does the Evo 71 come with a SWALLOW TAIL or a PIN TAIL as per your site?
The images shows a pintail board, but this is an error. And in fact there are still some errors regarding bottom shape too. The EVO IQ 71 is a single into double concave and the other are flat v into single. But all have swallow tails.
Originally Posted by van View Post
b) If it comes with a PIN TAIL why do I have a board with a SWALLOW TAIL?
The real board is a swallow tail shape. It is only the computer generated pic that is wrong. Probably it was generated from last years quad71, which was a pin tail.

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c) If it comes with a SWALLOW TAIL why are you miss-describing and miss leading customers?
This is an error. Not interntional.

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d) As you confirmed the measurements above why is my board even shorter?
It might depend on how you measure it. Typically Starboard measures along the bottom curve from tail to nose. I'll check my EVO IQ 71 to confirm later. The other measurements seem OK to me. IN fact if it's really 55.7, you could round that the 56 if you round to the nearest full cm or to 55.5 if you round if the nearest half cm.

So, I can ensure you that you have the "right" board. It's a shape that has been developed since late 2008, originally to replace small Evil Twins (but hten quads came instead) and then it has been fine tuned since then in the Starboard development and now it is the only really new shape on the EVO IQ lineup (the other are the old Quad shapes from 2010). It's a sick board, super easy to sail and still radical and the rougher it gets and the harder you push it the better it responds. The reason it has the shape it has is simply because it worked so well so no need to change it into a pin. I would say that this board is the last in line of a decade long development of 70 liter boards by Scott McKercher, originating all back to the surf 70 and the Acid 70/74, through EVO 70 and three generations of EVO XTV (the last one became the 2010 Quad 71) and then Evil Twin 74. The new EVO iQ 71 is the modern version of this classic line of boards. I'm sorry of you don't like the tail, but if you like a solid, easy and stable board that still can venture far, far into performance windsurfing in super radical conditions, I think you will be very happy with the Evo IQ 71.

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