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Hi Ola,

Thanks for clarifying that. Never the less if you don't mind some criticism I can't believe that after 2 months that the 2011 site has been running, no one from Starboard spotted the mistake. Doesn't anyone do a product check? Also the sticker on the board says it's a 71 liter board with measurements 229x55.5cm which again wrong (I've had wrong stickers on Futuras as well). I think someone has to have a serious sit down chat with whoever is in charge with those issues.

In all honesty I have read a few of your replies on the forum and you are obviously a guy who knows his stuff and always more than helpful and I always value what you have to say so I take your word that I will be happy with the board. But to be honest had I known it had a swallow tail I would have been very tempted to maybe go for a JP or R.Ricci tri fin. I just don't find the swallow tail appealing to me in the way it looks. Anyway.

Out of curiosity what advantages/disadvantages are there between pin and swallow tail for my guidance or is this change in the tail a marketing thing.

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