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What you are saying about the the 2-camber free-race sails and their excellent light wind and light handling capabilities is generally true.

I cannot speak for the Severne sails, because I've never sailed them, but I have a lot experience with the NP H2 sails. I've sailed the 2010 H2's, almost in all sizes on a lot of different boards in Rhodes/Greece this year. I can tell you that these sails make you plane extremely early. I don't know a sail that does it better. Even not my NP RS:Racing sail, which I like a lot.
Pure racing sails are better in the high end wind range, especially in the gusts. They are much better manageable in highly overpowered conditions.

So it all depends up to you.
If you just like to plane early and you don't participate in any slalom competition that you eagerly want to win, choose the freerace sail. Else, choose a pure race sail.
Pure race sails also help a lot to maintain control in heavy chop,
In light wind conditions, there is not often a lot of chop, so in general you could say that a freerace sail would be enough, but the problem starts when the wind is really unstable and gusty. In these conditions I absolutely prefer a pure race sail.
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