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Since I haven't been on the iS86, I can't be sure of how it will jump, but for sure, the iS111 is NOT a jumper (at least at my skill level). With the outboard foot straps, it feels really awkward to get air. I have only tried a couple of times and gave up on the idea. I use my 105 liter board to chop hop instead. This is where the futura will excel.
The Futura 93l is perfect to chop hop with the straps in the outboard position as the toes of your back foot are right over the center line, so when you push down on your back leg to get the board airborn, the balance is just right. I find it easier to chop with the straps in the outboard position rather than in the center position as the board stays level when you push down, making it pop more easily and with more control.

Bigger boards like the IS111 can be chophoped, but as you say it is really difficult to control in the air and if the board doesn't land the way you want it to thanks to perfect take off you generally finish with a catapult or massive loss of speed.
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