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Hi Del, unregistered here, just wondering what you mean by my comments being way off the mark. Not looking to argue , just curious as I was at the beach and saw it all happen. It's not meant to disparage SB or any anyone in anyway. It was simply a case of friends helping friends, lots of tears on the beach when Qball was pushed down the sand and into the water for the first time. Jace would certainly attest to that and everything else I previously posted. I'm not a forum type of guy, but this cat handles double overhead surf, planes with several passengers and disassembles and transforms as described. After one prototype.
Volunteer labor and cash , simply thought it was worth pointing out. Q isn't in the best of health and it's hard on his body on a good day. Probably not likely he'll get out again, but let's hope he does. If I'm off the mark, be specific.
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