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Smile Jace Kanaha Vids

Hi Del, after rereading your first response I realized I wasn't very clear about Jace's footage. Although amongst all the various bits and longer segments of video ( about two hours worth) collected from Robby Seeger and others, I don't know of any by Jace that anyone besides Jace has. I just remember that after taking Q out, we flashed on the idea of clipping a couple sails on one of the hulls. maybe it was even Jaces idea to try it, don't recall. Mast tracks and unis were used to connect everything, as well as large battens to allow just a bit of roll in the hulls , but not too much.
I saw Jace videotaping at the time and handing his camera to someone else when he sailed. I suspect he's got it somewhere but I don't know of it ever being posted.
I couldn't agree with you more about the Serenity and the philosophy behind it. Sometimes we'd take Q way the heck offshore, drop the sail and just drift along. The Serenity is goig to get people who watch windsurfing and perhaps aren't quite able to give it a go a chance to be a part of it. SB has gone along ways towards making Windsurfing fun and accessible again. Hopefully Jace will spot this and can share any cool footage he has.
All the best
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