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Originally Posted by RadiantX View Post
Hi All,

How do the Flares ride in freeride conditions, compared to a Kode of similar size for example?

I haven't tried the Flare but I've tried the 2010 JP Freestyle boards. In 5.5-6.0m conditions these boards are SOOO much fun. These boards are the tightest jibing boards I have ever used. No matter how hard you commit to the rail, the board comes round. Great jibing makes for great freeride sessions. You'd be surprised that you can still make some ground upwind on a 22cm fin and 100l board..

After trying freestyle/ fsw boards I've been converted to like these boards more than just a full out speed machine. As mentioned by prydeman, the speed of these boards is not too far off what else's on the water BUT you have the plus of insane carving and popping which makes sessions so much more enjoyable.
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