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Yep, that's also what I've read.

Batten's main function is to support the sail body (tension is not that important).
Cams are there to profile the mast sleeve and maintain the shape, also in the lulls. They need of course the tension to stay in 1 position.

I think that what the gentleman shows in the movie could work.
It will make the camber rotation easier.
The tricky thing in this setup is to adjust the tension of the coupling device (close to the camber, like shown in the movie) in this way that the profile/shape of the mast sleeve is guaranteed in all cases (also in the lulls + slightly negative wind pressure). I mean that the coupling device should stay "open" in all cases and ONLY closes (shortening the effective length of the battens) when we really want to tack.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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