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But surely you will loose batten tension just when you need it; ie under full load when powered up the shock cord will be stretched (because of batten tension) and allow wrinkles to form.

Thought idea of cambers was to maintain batten pressure (ie hold sail out) when powered up. Thats why they tend to have better wind range ???

Its like using a slight compressible batten. If it works would be easier to do at batten pocket end;just hold them on with shock cord ????

Sail will "tack" easier but be less stable ???
Good day, thank you for your comment and reply!

would like to clarify that the main construction idea is seperated tension for batten and camber. Where batten has constant tension in the sale as in old Neil Pryde constructions. But rubber ropes in offered construction WORK ONLY FOR CAMBER. As from photo nr. 1/3 you could see that only batten end rests into shock cord (grey color rope). But rubber ropes with one end pull the camber and with another end rest into the batten end (see photo nr. 5).
As a result the batten tenssion keeps strong and there is no wrinkles inside of mast pocket. The camber pressure on mast keeps in diapozon 20-25 kg for both cases, when sale has full profile and when we change the tack.

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