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Default Which size Futura

Hi everyone,

I have a Futura 133 wood (2010) and very happy with it. I also have a Kode 94 technora (2010)
Most of the time I am surfing on the ijselmeer. Hugh lake in Holland.
My weight is 97 kg. and my lenght is 1,95 m.
When the wind is rising also the waves are (between 0.5 and 1m) and that is when my problem starts. The kode is not big enough for me to get going and my futura starts being lift out of the water. I have 3 sails for the futura (RAM F10 9,0 , S-type 7,8 and duke 6,4) and 3 sails for the Kode (Ice 4,7 5,3 and 5,7)
I use a C3 venom 44
My question is sould I go for an extra board (futura 111 or 101) or can I do something else?

I hope I get some response on this one

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