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All manufacturers turn out bad boards from time to time. I can't speak to the percentage of bad boards from Starboard vs other brands, but my own experience with Starboard (4 boards) has been excellent.

The key issue is how does the company respond to warranty issues. I wonder if both of you followed the stated warranty process (as Roger suggests) and then were denied repairs or a replacement within the warranty time period?

If indeed you followed the required process and were denied the claim, then you have a legitimate gripe. If you are bummed out because in your opinion, Starboard treated you unfairly, and if you want sympathy from the forum readers, you should detail your experience, register and provide a name, then we may listen and learn from your experience. Otherwise, go waste your time someplace else.

The board with the bubbles sounds really strange. Storing a board in a wet bag should not create bubbles in the paint, or anything else I can think of. Sounds like bad paint on the board. Hopefully, Starboard will work with you for a resolution.

And for those that don't support your local windsurfing shop (if you have one), here is an excellent reason to do so. Got your board mail order? How is the warranty claim process working for you?

I am not a shop owner or employee, but I believe in supporting your local dealers.
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