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scott mckercher
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Default RE: Evo75 vs. Evo74 range

Hi Shangu
yes there was a bit of a problem with fins as when the board was sent to test at that point the fins lost a bit of their foil thickness becoming a bit flexy and thus didn't give the board the best upwind tracking.
To be totally honest, I think the hip being taken away has taken a little bit away from the boards capabilites here, but only at the most minimal level.
I don't believe planing has been affected at all.
Actual waveriding performace in onshore conditions has not been hindered. Whether onshore or side shore, the board is more responsive and hasn't lost any of it's onshore driving capabilities.
Once planing the board definitely has a faster livelier feel than the 74. It gets up and fangs on the tail. High speed turning is also a lot more precise, along with all it's reactions with the lip
Myself personally, will always prefer a fin that best suits the boards turning ability (Loose with a smoothh driven carve) other than it's ability to point upwind. But that's what's important to me.
If other may have a problem with trying to point, a little larger fin will surely rectify this.

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