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I have the same experience as "628".
86kg / F161 / 11m -> planing from 8 knots
6-7 knots is possible but needs an awful lot of pumping, excellent physical condition, and bearing off to gain speed. 6-7 knots is really a struggle for me and actually I don't like it too much.

@Joe, with your weight, I think it's possible to plane from 8 knots but you'll need a 12m2.

From 10 knots a 11m2 should be sufficient. I'm flying from 10 knots with a 11m2. Like agrelon already said, to get going BEAR OFF as much as you can, until you have a lot of speed. Don't be afraid to loose height, once planing a formula board is a "pointing queen" that will gain the height back in no time.
If you learn the technique of bearing off, while placing the body underneath the boom (try to hang on the boom) reducing the body weight and trying to lift up your feet and push the board forward at the same time, you'll be surprised how early you can plane, even without pumping. Place your boom very high, it helps a lot.
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