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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

Hey J-M,

As you can tell, we're a bit bombed at the moment and the server side is not reacting as fast as it should/will. There are some log in/log out issues that (should not be there) will resolve once the initial issues flatten out. Then you should be OK to simply log in (once) from the home page and remain logged in for the whole session. Also if you go direct to the forums index (not entry/login via home page login) you should be prompted (with log in box at top of page) to log in there, and then you should be good to go for the whole session - unless you log out intentionally along the way. Tony is more on that side, but I can assure you even I (and he) have been having more than a few odd issues with general log in today anyway ..

Please refer to PM re the moderator set up also.

Re the Sort of the products, yes, it's a good idea to sort by products, it sort of works and we did it before but it also creates some potential tostill mismatch product types etc, there always was something not quite in order

Anyway, let's get thru the initial issues and we have a bunch of things to fine tune after we get the real stuff in order.

Hi Francisco,

Thanks, yes, you should see it from our side
Hopefully these will all clear in the next few hours as we consolidate the new uploads. ThanX for your patience with these.
Thanks and Cheers ~ Ian
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