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This board is great.

Accessible to any windsurfer, even beginners.
Performing, interesting and technical for any windsurfer, even most experienced.
Pleasant from the slightest wind to force 5-6, planning or not.
Versatile as it allows a more diversified navigation than a shortboard.
Advanced with a modern and innovative design.
Reasonably priced, and with a reasonably robust construction.
... and you even can use it as a SUP, and as a kayak with the Bic very comfortable seat

it is not just a raceboard, it is much more than that, a rediscovery of the characteristics which once made windsurf a large audience sport

I would so much wish to see Starboard :
- market this board with this broader approach
- dedicate some promotion efforts to it, so far the only available video is mine, it is not normal
- sell a one design rig to fit with it, so beautiful and well thought you could not resist buying it
- sell the same gear without substantial modification for several years

and invite seasoned windsurfers to try this as a complement to their quiver of short boards
I did that and felt I was rediscovering the pleasure of navigation

otherwise we will have less and less windsurfers, sailing always more elitist gear, and the sport will not survive this very long

note : it would be even better to coordinate such approach with other windsurf brands, which would sell the same gear but with their colors, and together create a critical mass for success.
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