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I was racing with it for more than a year, so I had opportunity to test it with some different fins and now compare it to HWR. It has been discussed already that 162 needs a powerful fin, but this might be a bit misleading as many people think the softer the fin the more powerful it is. It is not always true though. If soft fin twists a lot it will release power (similar to a loose sail). That is the case with R20 - its soft but I think it has too much twist. And with the powerful tail of 162 it is easily overpowered.

I tried older deboichets (R13, R17), some Lithuanian custom fins, but they did not work well. VMG K76 and M75 was working really good, especially the M75 - it is my favourite fin for powered up conditions even with HWR. I never tried Kashy or Z fins in 162, but they also seem to work very well, at least the ones with not too much twist (as it is customisable). I am not sure about Virus fins, did not test them either, but if they can make it with soft tip and no (or very little) twist it should be fine too.

One more thing - R20 is not a bad fin. It will be definitely easier to sail the 162 with it than with older deb's, but its just not fast. Especially in powered up conditions.

I hope this helped you.

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