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Hi Ralph
I have had this board since september---------here's my take

1. Does anyone know if the 2011 kode 94 has extra tail kick than the previous years?
I compared it to the 2010 one and couldnt find much diference - but it does feel looser.

2. Also, does it have the same amount of tail kick as the 2011 kode 86?
Dunno - havent got an 86- dont want one got a quad 82 2011 as well.

3. Lastly, does anyone know if the 2011 Kode 94 is more biased toward wave riding or toward freestyle?
Seems a pretty good balance - it goes well from 6.5- 5.0 and is epic for boosting bit fat aerials but also seems to have even better pop than 2010.maybe not quite as stable off the plane perhaps.

4. Judging by the reduced width and tail width on the 94 it looks like Kevin Pritchard may have a new light wind wave riding machine?
Reckon so - butif it's 100% riding the quads are really hard to beat.

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