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Default Kode 94 - advice sought!

I'm thinking of buying a 2009 Kode 94 (62cm wide). I weigh 74kg and would be using it with a 6m for 85%+ of the time. The board appears to be optimised for 6m sails and I would be hoping that it would get me out on a 'short' board in lighter winds.

Will this board be too big and bouncy for me generally? The tests seem to indicate that it is fairly controllable in stronger/bumpier conditions.

I wouldn't be using it in really windy conditions - I've got an old 84 litre wave board that I'd use in 5.3 and stronger winds. Hence I was thinking that the Kode 94 might be a good board for marginal to moderate conditions (ie 6m weather!).

The Kode 86 might be the more obvious board for my weight, however, if I was to be using it primarily with a 6m then it wouldn't be optimised. 5.7m would be better, but I don't want to start buying new sails.

Thoughts welcome!

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