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Default Which 2 iSonic boards with 3 sails for 100kg

Hi Starboad Team,

I want to buy a complete new equipement setup.
Can anyone give me some advice, if the combo I think about makes sense?

I am 192cm tall and my weight is about 100 kg.

Most of the time I windsurf on lakes like Lake Garda.

I want to handle windspeeds from 4 to 7 bft, that means from 10 to 32 knots.

I would like to reduce my gear to 2 boards and 3 sails, if possible.

Boards and sails should be slalom/race.

Here are my thoughts about the setting:

1. isonic 117 carbon 2011 with 7 and 8,6 rs:racing or similar
2. isonic 147 carobn 2011 with 8,6 and 10,7 rs:racing or similar.

Does this make sense?

Or do I better chose a formula board for the big sail?

Thanks for your help!
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