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Default Freerace or slalom

Hi Kevin,

I'd like some advice from you.

I am an intermediat/advanced surfer. My weight is 95kg and I'm approx. 1.95m. tall. I own a Futura 133 and I want a new board for speed-surfing. (100 or 111?)

I have a very hard time choosing between a Futura or an Isonic. I have 3 sails North RAM F10 9,0 RAM F11 7,0 and RAM F11 6,3.

My point is: I like going fast and smooth. All over the forum I see that the Isonic is very fast and very hard to ride. And well driven the Futura will be nearly as fast

I know that you ride both of them. Could you give me some advice?
I surf on a big lake with average waves (between 0,5 -1m)

Thanks in advance for your reply,

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