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Thanx for the reply. About the kode I have one (kode 94 2010) But I see now I go more in the direction of speed sailing in state of B&J. I like B&J but not so much as going fast. I already mentioned that I have wave sails and do not want to sell them. So that was my question. Could I use them on the futura 93 or not.

So thanks for answering my question and if you want to add something, I like to hear from you.

gr. Marco
Hi gr. Marco,

If you're 100% sure that speed is what you want you'll eventually want to get some sails with cambers. I've found wave sails are great on the Futura 93l, because they're sooo light and easy in the transitions, so you can session all day. My best GPS speed so far on that board (I really haven't had many great sessions with it yet), was 26knts, but this was on a 6.0m, no cambers with the bottom panel missing and the top batten broken :/.

If you do get sails for speed, remember that a full 4 cam race sail will only be faster if you're going to sail overpowered all the time, as the profile is super stable, but this kind of sail pins the board to the water for maximum control, and therefore not allowing very fast speeds when marginally powered.

Best compromise, in my opinion, is a 2 cam freeride/freerace sail. These sails are easy to rig, jibe, and have more wind range and pointing ability than no cam. More control in overpowered situations (due to 2 cams) = more speed in these situations.

Hope this helps.
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