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Default Does the overdrive 9.7 work with 490 mast-plus base extension

Does the overdrive 9.7 work (well) with the base extension HD and a 490 mast instead of a 530 mast?

I can see that the reflex slalom 9.6 works with this combination. And the overdrive 5.4 works with both 430(recommended) and 400(compatible) mast, the overdrive 6.7 works with both 460 and 430 mast, and the overdirve 8.5 works with both 490 and 460... but the overdrive 9.7...?

I have a blue line 490 mast and dont want to buy a new mast.

So either I will go for the turbo 9.2 or an overdrive 9.7...
IF it works okay with BE 40 and 490 mast I will go for the overdrive 9.7. . I have already ordered an ultrasonic 147.

Thanks for any answers

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