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Cool Sailing with Crocs

Not talking about my old mates here .........
Recent trip to Jamaica and encountered a crocodile on beach !!!!! He was about 5 feet long and "seemed" docile.Locals insisted he was safe "enough" (Whats that mean ???) I moved to another beach to sail. Did a bit of investigating and it turns out the crocs on Jamaica are American Crocodiles; with loads in Florida .

This must have happened before there !!! The crocs (apparently ) aren`t Salt Water Crocs but salt water tolerant. Again locals insist they cant eat (!!!) at sea ??? Anybody have an objective assessment of sharing beaches with American Crocodiles ??? (In Jamaica they are making their way back to rivers)

Really has put me off !!! (I was just about putting sharks in perspective !!!)

Perhaps its why so little windsurfing on South Coast Jamaica ??? (Am I the only fool ??)

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