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The size drop seems ok but I'm not sure the style/type of board (fsw) is probably the best option if your wanting a pure speed/freeride board. I say that because you will be limited with the type of fins you can use in the Kode86 as it is a US fin box. I know because I also have a Kode86 and have found it hard finding decent speed orientated fins for it. If your not so speed orientated and sail more freeride to bump and jump I'd say for sure, the Kode86 is a great board. I am also 80kg and use it with a 5.2 & 4.7m wave sails. I also use a 6m freeride sail on occasion and it feels quite good with this and a slightly larger fin than what is supplied with the board. I have had my Kode86 (wood) doing 30 knots in slightly choppy water so with perfect conditions maybe a few knots more.
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