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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. I received this board a week ago and sailed it yesterday.
I sail in waves from 5ft upwards with 4.5 - 5.6m2 NP Kombat (mostly 5.6m2 - I weigh 95kgs, 6'4"). Where I live, try-before-you-buy is not possible and I have to make a decision based on website information. Which is incorrect on the starboard website, by the way. This board is 61 wide and 236.5 long.

The thickness in the tail on first inspection was not encouraging.
After sailing the board briefly yesterday I noted the following.

The board feels very buoyant which is a result of the width and the thickness in the tail.It gets going fairly quickly and feels stable at speed.
However, that is where it ends.
Gybes tend to want to stall toward the end.
The bottom turn is fairly stiff and needs a large amount of commitment and pressure to initiate and hold - even for my weight (5.6 m2, smaller fin - 26 wave - forward in the box).
The back foot feels very high which is made worse by the thickened deck pad.
Initiating a bottom turn (front foot pressure) is fair due to the thin rails in the middle of the board BUT when the tail comes into the equation on the top turn, it goes pear shaped due to TOO MUCH TAIL VOLUME. This is if it does not stall before hitting the lip.

As a heavy wave rider I am left feeling that this board is biased toward a freestyle machine far more (more like 80/20) than the "aggressive" wave nature that the old Acids use to have.
This is unfortunate for me (and several of my friends who are also larger that the average sailor).

I certainly would have bought a Flare if I had the conditions for freestyle. Why the higher volume boards need to be biased toward freestyle is still something that confounds me when the Flare range is available.

At 95kgs I cannot comfortably sail an 80ltr Kode with a 5.6m2 since this is the "proper", "Aggressive" wave board.

In conclusion, I owned a 2008 Acid 86 for some time. This board changed my sailing and made me a Starboard only sailor. It was wide at the mast with a narrow pin tail - perfect for cutbacks. It was stable at rest and in any varying radius bottom turn and had huge top speed to ride even the biggest waves. This concept is gone.
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