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Smile slalom for light wind

To be able to sail more in light wind I have got an Isonic 111 with a 44 cm race fin. I use the board in shoppy conditions and my weight is 75 kg.
I plan to combine this board with the Overdrive 7,5 or 8,5.
Because I altso have a Kode 103 and a NCX Pro 6,5 I think that an Overdrive 8,5 may will be the best choice.
Otherwise it will be to small difference beetween a NCX Pro 6,5 and an Overdrive 7,5?

If I go for an Overdrive 8,5,- does this sail work well with a 460 blueline mast combined with the extension North Shox XTR (42 cm) instead of a blueline 490 mast?

I have a blue line 460 mast and dont really want to buy a new mast..

Thanks for any answers
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